What Do You Want?

Really. What do you want? You truly can have it all, have you asked for it?

Where are you coming from in the dreams you dream and in your desires? Do you believe that they’re possible for you or are you living – thinking that your dream is just that – a dream? If so, you may be basing your observations and looking at what is possible for your life based solely on your current situation and circumstances. Doing this severely limits your potential and the possibilities for your life especially if you feel trapped.

You are actually infinite potential waiting to express an abundant life. Think from the place of where you want to be. If you were there now, living the dream, what would you tell the self you are now as far as words of advice and encouragement?

Visualize yourself living the life you want. Stop concentrating your focus and energy on what you don’t want. Stop believing in the illusion of your limiting situation, circumstances and self imposed boundaries and restrictions.

You can be, do and have all that you truly desire. Rooted and grounded in love and joy, gratitude and forgiveness, know that the Universe is waiting to shower you with blessings, open to them. Say I Am ready. Decide now to take a step, no mater how big or how small, in the direction of the life your truly want to live and claim your success and prosperity now!