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November 5, 2016


We all hold the key that will release us from the shackles and chains that bind us. Our thoughts create the world we’re living in yet so many of us, especially beginning this positive path of personal development, don’t make choices based on our own thoughts. We’re constantly looking to others for the way to go, seeking the opinions of those in our network of friends and family and looking outside of ourselves for answers and direction.

We move from bondage to liberty when we discover the power within ourselves that will always guide us to our greater good. Inside of us we can visit the secret room, a place of sacred silence, where we can communicate with the inner counselor that sits on the seat of wisdom within us.

No person, friend or family outside of ourselves will be a more accurate guide than the counselor within that knows. Sure we can seek the wisdom, inspiration and guidance from those that have gone before us, learning all we can. However when it comes to choices and decisions in our life, it’s best to take the time, knowing each choice is creative, and listen for the still small voice within that already knows the”>

Stephen J. Kosmyna
Success Ocean International
Whole Life Prosperity